Mala is very knowledgeable in a variety of areas of natural healing modalities and alternative Health practices. I have received Energy healing sessions from Mala with noticeable results. I was able to feel the Energy moving as she did her work. My knee with arthritis for many years had a noticeable improvement after just one treatment. Mala is a Practitioner I am confident in recommending to others.

- Dean Eve


I luckily was chosen at one of Mala's energy medicine workshops to experience a mini-treatment. My back pain was significantly reduced. I then booked in to see Mala for a full treatment. At this point, I had had so many amazing natural treatments from other practitioners, I could only wonder what else Mala could contribute. It was obvious that she is a skilled & wise Energy Medicine practitioner. I experienced deep, immediate and lasting relief from my chronic musculoskeletal pain. I also felt a deep sense of peace and well-being.  Thank you Mala!

- Natalie Friese, DMH

Nature's Vibe Natural Health Store & Clinic Owner

Cambridge, ON

Mala is a person with a sympathetic ear and understands the issues at hand with very little guidance. I sprained my wrist which was painful and I could not use my hand to do yoga asanas. After a few energy treatments the pain was almost gone. I'm not a fan of painkillers, so this was for me a beautiful and natural way to get rid of the pain. Thanks Mala.


Mala is een persoon met een luisterend oor. Heel fijn om zonder al te veel woorden begeleid te worden bij het probleem waar het om gaat. Ik had een foute beweging met mijn pols gemaakt waardoor ik deze pijn deed. Ik kon zelfs mijn hand niet gebruiken en yoga asana's doen. Na een paar energie behandelingen was de pijn zo goed als weg. Ik ben geen fan van pijnstillers, dus dit was voor mij een mooie en natuurlijke manier om de pijnen weg te krijgen. Thanks Mala.

- Hartelijk dank Jane


I had thought that Energy Medicine is a lot of hocus locus at the Wellness Fair. However, 9 months after falling off the horse and six months of Physic, I have gotten back most of my range motion.  but could not get rid of that residual pain in my shoulder blade down my arm, so I was desperate to try anything that does not involve taking pain meds.  Either this is real or you have the healing touch, or maybe both, but th pain dissipated while you treated me and stayed away!  First time pain-free in 9 months!!  I can not thank you enough! 


I've used various facial creams from cheap to expensive brand-name products. But the effect of the essential oil blend for my face is incredible. It is much better than my own expensive night cream. So bye bye and welcome night facial essential oil blend.


Ik heb verschillende gezichtscreme's gebruikt van goedkoop tot merk producten. Maar het effect van de essential oil voor mijn gezicht is super. het effect is veel beter dan mijn eigen dure nachtcreme. Dus bye bye nachtcreme en welcome essential oils.

- Jane Sheoratan


I have suffered from migraines for years. I would get about three or four severe migraines a year. Pain medication might sometimes help to lessen the duration but not usually the intensity and the general feeling of malaise after the migraine lasts another full day. One time I started seeing the visual aura (my dreaded warning that I was about to have a migraine headache). Mala offered to work on me. After the treatment I felt relaxed, my head felt much better and my headache ended up being a slight which didn't last very long. I did not have the achy feelings that I usually have after a migraine. Mala showed me how to do a "crown pull" when a migraine is coming on and assisted with a craniosacral technique. With these exercises and in combination with pain medication my migraines have not been debilitating as they were before. 

- Radha


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