Special Events & Workshops

Energies of Love Workshop:

Communicating Effectively with the 4 Sensory Energy Modes


Where: Nature's Vibe Center For The Evolution of Consciousness 

20 Ainslie St. N,  Cambridge, ON

Date:  Sunday Feb 10, 1.30-3.30 pm

Discover your relationship challenges with your partner, friend, colleague, and family member from a unique energy archetyping perspective.

You will learn to meet challenging relationships with empathy instead of a survival response. You will gain insights how you react under stress and why your message does not get received on the energetic level no matter how clearly you think you are articulating words and sentences.

In this workshop, you will:
*IDENTIFY your own sensory type with energy testing
*LEARN how you process stress energetically
*DISCOVER where in the body your stress accumulates
*LEARN how to master your response and improve your communication at home or at work using energy medicine techniques
*LEARN how to communicate clearly in a relationship so you are understood
*BRIDGE different sensory styles with energy medicine techniques for greater harmony

Get Heard. Be Seen. Feel Understood.

Cost: $40/pp
payment: e-transfer by Thursday Feb 7 to shiftyourenergies@gmail.com 

Get Heard. Be Seen. Feel Understood.


December Energy Tune-Up

Where: Nature's Vibe Center For The Evolution of Consciousness 

20 Ainslie St. N,  Cambridge, ON

Time: Monday & Wednesdays 10am - 7pm

The month of December brings joy but can also be draining as a result of chaotic energy of parties, family, friends, impatient drivers and busy shoppers.  

If you are sensitive to other people's energies and the thought of gathering in large groups feels mentally and physically overwhelming, an Energy Medicine Tune-up session may be the solution.  


* You will feel calm & relaxed

* Your will be grounded and protected to reduce energy drain

* Stressful situations/thoughts that weaken you will be identified and cleared

1.5 Hour Assessment & Clearing

  • Energy organization

  • Energy flow

  • Energetic boundaries

  • Emotional blockage (identify limiting emotion: worry, fear, anger, grief, anxiety)

  • Energy vitality & stress level

The Energy Tune-Up session is 1.5 hours. Reserve your spot by Dec. 20 to receive a $20 discount.   Email shiftyourenergies@gmail.com 

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Pictures by Radha Singh & Shirley Ng

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