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Mala Singh is an energy medicine practitioner whose mission is to apply holistic techniques to help relax the body which helps alleviate acute and chronic pain, and stress related issues. She has studied the mind-body interplay between unbalanced emotions and its physical expression in the body and is in awe by the mind’s powerful ability to transform a diseased body. The heart of her work is to demonstrate and educate folks on various effective complementary and integrative therapies for common and complex ailments, which are easily accessible, affordable, non-invasive and sustainable to help improve quality of life. The ultimate goal for her clients is to be pro-active and responsible for their own well-being.

She completed her Eden Energy Medicine Foundations year in 2011, studied Qigong, obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Holistic Sciences in 2016 from Quantum University and is currently enrolled in a PhD & Doctorate Program in Natural Medicine. She holds a MASc. Degree in Chemical Engineering and worked for 16 years in a fast-paced, dead-line driven technical field while pursuing her passion in the wellness field. Her awakening experience during a meditation session, to quiet her over-active mind, propelled her into the field of Energy Medicine. Her journey involved understanding the “invisible” (but measurable) fields, exposing her to the multitude of benefits of Qigong, Meridian-based work and Yoga.

She has seen and experienced the body’s vibrant flow of energy and emotional balance in herself and her clients. She invites you to create your own illuminating experience that can shift your body, mind and spirit to a vibrant and joyful state of being.


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Pictures by Radha Singh & Shirley Ng

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