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Energy medicine is an ancient, powerful, integrated holistic approach that will assist you in moving your Mind-Body and Energy.  It creates a balanced internal and external environment that will help awaken and signal your body's energy in such a way to activate its own natural healing abilities.


It builds on the foundation of acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, therapeutic tai chi, qigong, yoga and other disciplines, offering a potent complement to traditional Western medicine.


Hi I'm Mala

I help professional women with demanding jobs, overwhelming family obligatione and crushing daily routines, who suffer from physical pain and mental exhaustion.

Through my Reclaim Your Radiant Power Program, I will help you reconnect your body with a focused and peaceful mind so you will be able to feel vibrant, pain and stress-free, to restore freedom and control in your day to day life.

Mala is a person with a sympathetic ear and understands the issues at hand with very little guidance. I sprained my wrist which was painful and I could not use my hand to do yoga asanas. After a few energy treatments the pain was almost gone. I'm not a fan of painkillers, so this was for me a beautiful and natural way to get rid of the pain. Thanks Mala.



- Hartelijk dank Jane

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Pictures by Radha Singh & Shirley Ng

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